"He, who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it." Philippians 1:6

Hi there and welcome to our family! We begin our blessings with Joshua being born on Thanksgiving morning 2006; quite a surprise, considering he wasn't due until January 29, 2007! A brief kiss from Mama and off to NICU he went. At one week of age, Joshua was diagnosed with Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome. Along with this syndrome comes a variety of problems, both physical and mental. These past three years have been challenging, heart breaking, entertaining, and breath taking; the latter in the good sense and the bad. But above all, these beautiful days have been filled with my "Sweet little punky!" One never expects their first born child to have such difficulties. Yet daily, I thank my Lord for everything that Joshua is and everything that he is not. God has wonderful blessings in store for him! Thank you for visiting our blog and have a day filled with wonderful surprises!

Christmas Day 2010

Christmas Day 2010

Latest pictures...

Just a few taken over the last 6 months.

Playing can be so exhausting

Why must every mother make a bubble beard on their child?

Joshua turns three!!

I've come a long way in three years, haven't I? (Sorry the pic is so big! Mama is still trying to figure out the picture part of our new computer.)

"May the force be with you."

I am not a bunny like Grandma would think. Or Shrek, like Aunt Lori would think. Yoda. I am.

Prechool Days

Rockin' the boat with Miss Donna.....Making Pizza.....SNACK TIME!!

Soakin' up Summer...

My first trip to a "beach." Liked the sand; HATED the water!!.........I LOVE my Daddy's baseball cap!!....... Pretty Flowers.........Jus' sittin'.

Things Mama & Daddy Love

A smile that smiles all over my face... Little hands that pray... Sweet feet... Messy face.... Big blue eyes...

The Daily Grind

Keeping fit and keeping the paparazzi at bay...

Christopher & Me

Christopher is my half brother. He lives in Colorado with his Mom. But when he comes to visit, we enjoy playing together. He makes me laugh.... a lot!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

3 year later......

Hmmmmm....what HAS Mom been doing to have let this blog go so long without updating it?!  Okay....let me catch you up.  I have finally learned to walk by myself and now, I run every once in awhile!  I still have the g-tube for fluid.  Turns out, after having had a swallow study done earlier this year, (2012) that I am a silent aspirator with fluids.  That means that when I drink, it goes down "the wrong pipe."  Only I don't cough or choke or spit it up.  Hense the word "silent."  So all of my fluids have to be thickened to nectar consistency when I drink from a cup.  That is, IF I drink from a cup.  Since I've been aspiriating for probably a few years (unbeknownst to Mama and Daddy) I have developed a negative association with a sippy cup.  I know that if I drink from it, it's going to hurt my throat.  So, we all get to start over with the whole drinking thing.  My name is Joshua and I have a drinking problem!  (smiles)

I have learned to walk by myself and am now running.  I don't run a lot, because I like to take in everything that I see.  I don't want to miss anything!  And I have learned to use the stairs on my own.  Going down is much easier than going up.  My over all body tone is still rather low, and it takes a bigger effort to go up the stairs versus down.  (But it's still easier to just creep up and down the stairs rather than using the rail and going one. step. at. a. time.)

Preschool has come and gone.  I started kindergarten in August of 2012.  I'm in the PALS class. This class has kindergarteners through 6th graders in it....all with different-abilities.  (We don't use the word "dis-ability" in our family.  It's not that I CAN'T do.  I just do DIFFERENTLY!)  So far, I'm liking it.  Mama and DAddy thought I wouldn't be going full time until October, because I always fell asleep on the way home from preschool.....a class day that lasted 2 hours and 45 mintues.  But on the 5th day of school, I was already going full time!  And I've only fallen asleep 4 times since school started!  Not too shabby, huh?

I was elected "student of the month" for the PALS class in September!  I got a certificate and a trophy!  And I started riding the bus home from school in October!  When I was in preschool, there was a school bus that stopped by our house and I always ran to watch it.  So Mom thought I would enjoy riding one myself.  And ya know what?  I DO!!  I get to sit in the second seat and I'm tall enough to see out the window!  It's a fun ride and I get very happy when I see our hosue and Mama walking out the door to meet me!  (I kinda think Mama gets a little happy, too!)

I have my favorite things:  Mickey Mouse, Lightening McQueeen and Mator and Fin "Mac Mis-ile"  I still like throwing things down the stairs.  The bigger the object, the more fun and the bigger the noise!  I enjoy throwing balls and playing with cars.  But still, I enjoy the toys more when they play music or jiggle or sing or talk.

Speaking of talking, we have been working on getting me an iPad for communicaiton.  I still do not speak.  I say some consonants and grunt a lot.  Mama and Daddy know what I'm talking about, but no one else does.  So it's important that I have some way to communocate.  I can't wait to be able to tell Mama when my tummy hurts or that my shoes are tied too tight or that I'm not tired, I'm just bored.  It's been a process of elemination for the family to figure out my ailments, needs, wants, dislikes, etc.  So we will ALL be glad to finally have this for me to use!  Plus, there's some really cool games and music I can play!  (smiles)  

So now, you're caught up!  I'll try to get Mama to keep this blog updated.  By the way, do you know the story behind or blog name tootorpoot?  Kinda funny...but it might embarass Mama if I tell ya!  (smiles)

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